Siwah (the Acehnese origin weapons) | About Weapons Of War In Aceh

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Praise be to Allah, invocation regards to the prophet Muhammad

This post is about one of the typical weapon that comes from Aceh, namely : 


Siwah is one of the tools or tools of war used by the Aceh anciently.
form of siwah almost similar to a dagger, the difference siwah to have a greater than rencong
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Siwah is also one of the jewels of the rich or if in Aceh is more known by Ulee balang.
but since the development of the times, this siwah allocated into an ornament for the rich as well as an antique collector in Aceh even in the world.
the price of this siwah itself is quite expensive, because having architectural value and high art.

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