Sword Of Aceh | About Weapons Of War In Aceh

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Praise be to Allah, invocation regards to the prophet Muhammad

sword Aceh is one of the tools used by the Aceh during battles against invaders. This sword used as a means of defense that way pengunaanya by means of cutting.

Peudeung Aceh
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In Aceh itself there are several types of swords are famous, such as :
  1. Habsy (abbesinia)
  2. Peudeung Portugis (originating from Portuguese)
  3. Peudeung Turki (originating from Turkey)
In Aceh there are several forms of the sword, such as :
  1. Peudeung Oen Teubei (sword cane leaves)
  2. Peudeung Oen Jok (palm leaf blade)
After the origin of the sword and the sword, then continued with the hilt, one of them at the start of :
  • Hulu Tumpang Beunteung
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  • Hulu Meuapet
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  • Hulu Tapak Guda (hoof)
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  • Hulu Iku Mie (cats tail)
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  • Hulu Iku Itek (ducks tail)
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  • Hulu Babah Buya (a crocodile’s mouth)
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more details can be seen in the picture below :
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there are several legends about the sword, one sword type hulu meuapet

the use of which should not be arbitrary, because in ancient times just remove it from the holster at the time of distress.

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